Spreading the Good News to the Youth of Today

The iY Generation of today face more challenges of any generation previously at anytime, except probably for World War 2 in the 20th Century.

If Catholicism is experiencing change and challenge, then it is at the youth level that the Church needs to address this the most. And how they need to do it fast.

Here is a short list of how some youths can reach out to other youths in their community.

Use flyers to advertise events.


Sydney undercover of night

This was one of my most recent shots taken off Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in Sydney, facing the world famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I had a blast shooting this scene during the midnight hour. Did I just type in “midnight hour”? I must be thinking of the song ‘In the midnight hour’ (not a bad one too, I might add). I meant to say in the “magic hour” that is ‘at dusk’. I went along with friends Ray and Flo and another lady, I think her name was Jen (?) Can’t remember. However, I loved taking this shot and it was so fun to do too with a few friends. It’s so breathtaking to see these two icons and to imagine the skyline in the twilight. Notice some of the detail such as the climbers on the bridge and the lights, just to name a couple.

Which way?

I just spent a few minutes pondering and deciding which way I want to take my photography. I’ve looked at a few professional sites and there are some impressive ones around. I may have to ask for their advice and input to gain a better understanding at what makes them tick. Also, what name shall I have in using such a site. I think I should investigate this a bit further, develop a plan so that I can get things in motion. R.

Hello world!

I’ve finally ‘found’ my reason to blog. This will be my blog about my photography. I know there are a zillion photographers out there, but one day, I wish to become a part-time professional photographer. I started out with my first DLSR, the Pentax K100D. Some of my friends have the Canons or the Nikons, but I chose the Pentax. It’s a recognised brand and it’s one that my Dad used (and still has) more than 20 years ago. I had the K100D for just over 3 years and I gave that away to an Aunt who offered to help me. I now have the Pentax K-7. It rocks!

I still am getting used to the tools in it, but what I remember from my photography course, I use the same skills and tools and it is one cool machine. So, I will be spending my days renovating my blog into an efficient one and hopefully in my plans, I will become a P/T Professional Photographer. Over and out. R.